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Tudat Documentation

Tudat is an astrodynamics library, providing a number of features, including numerical integrators, orbital element conversions, mission segments, gravitational and aerodynamic forces environment models, unit conversions, and various other functionality used by astrodynamicists.The Tudat Core library is necessary to be able to make use of most of the features in Tudat. For information pertaining to the Tudat Core library, please refer to: http://tudat.tudelft.nl/Doxygen/Tudat/docs/index.html

The Tudat library is part of the Tudat project, and is maintained by staff and students in the Astrodynamics & Space missions research group, at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. For more information vist: http://tudat.tudelft.nl/.

This Doxygen website provides an overview of the various code interfaces incorporated in Tudat. The Doxygen website is updated regularly.

Please address any queries regarding Tudat to tudat.nosp@m.-AE@.nosp@m.tudel.nosp@m.ft.n.nosp@m.l.